does weight loss patch work?

Do weight loss patches work?

It’s naturally alluring to any person who is suffering from obesity or overweight problems that some product will vanish your problem overnight and that too, with the least physical effort. Let it be some slimming tea or any kind of it, a try never hurts. But the sad part, most of the time it proves itself useless and the worst part, has side effects. Yet there are these weight loss patches that just need to be slapped on the skin and it’s done. To be honest, all these advertisements and all did catch our eyes too. So, we decided to get more into these super hyped up products and see if it actually works so just another way to sneak in the previous zone but more broke.

What are weight loss patches?

Before anything, you need to know what weight loss patches really are. By researching online we found out, weight loss patches are large sticky patches that you can apply on any part of your body as they’ll stimulate fat cells to reduce weight on that part.

They are attached directly to your skin so that the ingredients can directly reach their destination bypassing digestive glands. That makes it different from other supplements for fat burning. Though some doubt that it may lower excessive fat from the part that may cause a problem later on, that’s on individual usage. If they follow the diet properly, chances are almost zero for any misfortune.

What are the ingredients that make it so great?

People who actually buy slimming patches don’t even want to know about the ingredients since the advertisement is so worthy. But this very habit might cost heavy later on if side effects showed up. So, it is very important to know what is in there actually to know its maximum benefit and to figure out if that’s something really helpful for us or just a scam.

By exploring the internet, we found some extensively used ingredients into these patches. The products made by these are not certified by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), so you may think that it’s working chances are less and unhealthy. But that depends on the ingredients honestly. That is why, proper knowledge of these elements are very necessary.

We found some ingredients actively found on these patches and studied. Here’s what we came across-

Ingredients that are actively found on these weight loss patches

Japanese mint: Also known as Hokuto mint or corn mint is very famous for its effect all over Asia and also in the western world. Probably the most common element found in all weight loss products. It contains menthol which gives the patches or products a minty smell and refreshing vibe. Experienced people claim it works by obstructing the absorption of sugars and starches of the body and prevents them to form any extra fat.

Green tea extracts: a very known element in the world of weight loss, let it be slimming tea or patches. Some research even showed the effectiveness of green in losing weight. It is a natural way to reduce fat and also for keeping the body active. It’s pretty safe and effective to use.

Green coffee bean extracts: These coffee beans are obtained from those beans which are not roasted or the typical ones that we use every day. These beans have acids like chlorogenic acid which helps to eliminate fat weight gain in animals like mice, an old study showed.

Ashwagandha: As magical the name sounds, the working is pretty amazing too. This ancient helps to reduce and eliminate stress and anxiety, impacts on mental health. As it can reduce cortisol or stress hormone, there is a huge drop in the rate of mindless eating or what we call ‘stress eating’.

Bitter orange extracts: It is found in citrus fruits and mainly known for suppressing appetite. Research shows that bitter orange extracts may help with weight loss by maintaining a perfect diet and exercise. But, excessive intake of it may cause serious health problems, the quantity should be kept in mind.

Ephedra: Ephedra can help for a modest weight loss but again, the quantity should be kept in mind. With an effective diet and exercise, the desired goal can be achieved. But, it can cause serious health issues sometimes if you mess it up and so it was banned by the FDA.

Cannabidiol: It was quite a hyped-up product in the last few years for relieving pain in the muscles and anxiety. CBD oil is unbelievably famous for it as long as weight loss services. It is considered to be the most natural remedy for weight loss and it is true that it boosts up metabolism reducing fat cells and appetite. But of course, it needs a proper diet and exercise too.

How do I use these patches?

They come in large bandage-like shapes so all you have to do is follow the written instructions properly and stick it onto your skin. Normally, these patches suggest letting it stick on the part for six to eight hours and use it three to four times a week.

Since it’s ready to apply and very less to work, you can avoid many unnecessary problems for that. Oral supplements can cause internal side effects which may turn into serious health issues after. So, you can save yourself from stomach pain and other gastric problems. Patches for other motives like for pain relieving also works effectively on the problem. However, it is the least painful and risky if you consider that.

Why are they so well received?

There are a lot of reasons why customers pick these patches, let it be for handy usage or their actual effects, here are just a few reasons for their popularity:

1. Tons of people want to lose weight but don’t like swallowing pills because of health risks, slimming patches could be just for them. While some people hate the idea, others physically can’t, this makes diet patches the best alternative.

2. Some studies revealed that weight loss patches can comparatively work faster than oral supplements. These patches have cutting edge transdermal technology that delivers potent natural ingredients straight into your bloodstream. But with the other supplements, it affects your digestive system first. Observe the results as soon as the patch is on!

3. A single slimming patch can last up to one day – just one quick application and you’re good to go for the whole day. Instant and great results.

4. Losing weight is itself a personal journey. These patches are designed to be careful, easily hidden even under the thinnest layer of clothing.

5. If you ask me to describe it quickly-

• Very handy, best for busy ladies
• Promotes healthy weight loss
• Boosts the metabolism
• Safe to use
• Uses transdermal technology
• Bloodstream absorbs the ingredients directly
• Suppresses the appetite

So, that’s pretty much enough reason to be impressed.

Do they really work?

No element or product can help you if you do not help yourself. All these magical claims that it will give you your desired results without any of your own efforts is completely false. But if you maintain a healthy diet and proper exercise, it is bound to show its results. Otherwise, it’ll be total B.S.

Even though those advertisements claim to have unnatural promises, a single ingredient cannot do that. Though there are many ingredients involved in the process which actually helps to lose weight and oral supplements are made from them too. Like green tea extracts, japanese mint etc are considered the most effective. But the safe point is, it doesn’t directly affect your digestive system since you are just sticking to it,so there’s less fear of side effects.

Is there any harm in trying these patches?

No, there’s no harm in trying a patch but always, always check the ingredients before getting involved with anything. Also, if you had any kind of disease earlier, it may backfire if you do not consult with your doctor first. Therefore, consult your doctor before anything.

Slimming patches that contain natural ingredients should be completely safe to use. Always check every ingredient of a weight loss patch if you are looking to buy it. As many patches use artificial or semi-natural ingredients that could have dangerous side effects. Some of these patches also claim to be natural (false) but use synthetic ingredients. Be very careful about these.

Check the ingredients and if you think you’re allergic to something here, drop it. Otherwise, giving it a shot never hurts. Just do an adequate amount of exercise and since these patches will help you reduce your appetite, you’ll have control over your diet too.

Remember to always love yourself and your body but if it’s causing health problems, try to work on it. You’re beautiful either way.